About Us

Hi, we’re Matt and Phi. We’ve also been known to go by MAP. Fitting because we both share a love of traveling (however, one of us is way better with actual maps than the other). We’re taking a 6-month sabbatical to finally do what we’ve been dreaming and talking about for approximately 156.42 fortnights: travel around the world in 180-ish days!

This pretty much sums up how we feel about our trip.

Why “Roam Sweet Roam”?

Not to get all sappy on you, but home is something close to the heart for us. You might say the concept of home has been a key part of our relationship. We got married in a house that we plastered with family photos and personal effects. We served house-shaped cake pops and our first dance was a mash-up of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight.” (We met each other at at an ’80s cover-band concert, but that’s another story). We love the lyrics”Home is wherever I’m with you” so much that put it on our hallway walls and on our fridge—because we really believe that as long as we’re together, we really are home.

So for the next six months, you could say we’ll be our own little mobile home, blissfully roaming the planet.



The great outdoors and a challenging hike. What more could you ask for?

Who is this Matt guy?

Matt is the M of MAP, obviously. Welcoming, adventurous, athletic  and competitive are just a few ways to describe him. He’s always looking for the next hike, run, or <insert grueling physical activity> — preferably tougher than the one he just finished.

Matt’s also a huge sports fan- and he especially loves the Chicago Cubs!

He will mostly be the chief navigator on this trip as well as the budget master. (Matt is the former owner of a golden calculator and loves to plans things in Excel).


Congee in one hand. Bread in the other. What more could you ask for?

How do you pronounce Phi’s name? Oh, and what is she like?

Fee. Like she’s about to have a fee-ast around the world. Phi is a novice cook but an expert eater. She’s always looking for the next bowl of ramen, congee or <insert delicious food item> to replenish all the calories Matt tricked her into burning.

Curious, thoughtful, optimistic and creative are just a few ways to describe her. She will most likely be the head historian on this trip and will take the lead on documenting and blogging. Phi loves taking photos of her food,  Matt’s hikes (to trick him into taking a break), furry animals and anything deemed “Instagram-worthy.”