Matt’s Stats: Budget Recap

Prior to leaving for our trip, Phi and I set on a budget of $50K to last us for 6 months of travel.  After the dust settled and we arrived back in the United States, we calculated that we were able to travel for 6 months for just a little over $38K.  I thought it might be helpful if I shared a little bit about how we spent our money.  If you’d like some travel tips including how we saved money, take a look at this link.

Total Spend: $38.5K

  • Transportation: $13.5K
    • Flights: $7K
    • Car Rental and Gas: $4K
    • Trains: $1K
    • Uber/Taxi: $0.5K
    • All other: $1K (Public Transport, bus)
  • Lodging: $8.5K
  • Activities: $8.5K
    • Kilimanjaro Trek: $2K
    • Safari : $1.5K
    • Annapurna Trek: $1.5K
    • Halong Bay Cruise: $0.5K
    • Laos Jungle Trek: $0.5K
    • Scuba Diving: $0.5K
    • Other Activities: $2K (museums, day trips/hikes, etc.)
  • Food: $3.5K
    • Restaurants: $2.7K
    • Groceries: $1K
  • All Other: $4K
    • Travel Insurance: $1K
    • Visas: $1K
    • Health Insurance: $0.8K
    • Trip Gear: $0.8K
    • Other: $0.8K (duplicate passports, medication, postcards, souvenirs)


Questions? Feel free to shoot us a note!


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