Tiers: Life on an Italian Farm

Matt returning to the farm.

In 2010, Jonas and I visited a family farm in a town called Tiers. It’s located in Northern Italy and has a population of about 1,000 people. The connection to the farm was through one of my good friends from UCF. He met Ingrid, who grew up on the farm and parents still operate the farm, when she was exchanging at the University of New Orleans. The Pfeiffer family was so kind and the experience was such a unique traveling experience. It holds a special place in my heart. I have always wanted to take Phi here. What better time than on our around the world trip?

Phi and I just spent 3 of the best days of our trip on this farm. The farm is a dairy farm and I still run by Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer who are in their early 70s. They have to milk the cows twice a day every day and you can’t ever miss a milking. There is also a lot of land to maintain and hay to produce for the cows. Not to mention, Mr. Pfeiffer still owns and runs a carpentry business.

Our first night was in Tiers was a Saturday. Ingrid and her boyfriend took us out to have pizza (Italy pizza definitely is amazing) and to go out in Bolzano.

Every morning for breakfast, Mrs. Pfeiffer provided fresh milk, eggs, breads and jams/honey on our balcony looking out over the farm and the Italian Alps. We spent our days here hiking in the mountains, walking along the river in Bolzano and playing with the dogs and cats on the farm. For dinner, we cooked pasta in every night. Our room was on the top floor of the house looking down on the farm and out to the mountains.


It was a great stop to have lots of reflections. It allowed us to reflect on our trip and our imminent return to the United States. We also spent a lot of time talking about how different life would be living on a small farm in the mountains. While, we were incredibly sad to leave we are thankful to have spent some time on in this beautiful place with such a wonderful family.













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