Cape Town: Saying Goodbye to Africa

It’s hard to believe, but Cape Town is our last stop in Africa.  After 3 months in Asia and 7 weeks in Africa, we’ll be heading to Europe.  But first, we have a few more things to do in Cape Town!

Cape Town is the 2nd most visited city in Africa (behind…?  Johannesburg is the correct guess).  It’s really known for it’s outdoor activities.  Cape Town is a beautiful city nestled between the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans.  There are plenty of hiking opportunities with Table Mountain being one of the most famous hikes in the world.  In addition, you can cage dive with great white sharks, surf, cycle or really whatever your heart desires.

Table Mountain: This was the activity that I was most excited about.  I’ve seen so many amazing photos of Table Mountain and I love hiking.  Our Airbnb host was kind enough to drop us off at the foot of the mountain at 6 AM on a (very windy) Sunday morning.  There were plenty of hikers out, but since we started early it was relatively peaceful.  As mentioned earlier, winds were quite strong on the hike up.  Still, we loved watching the sunrise over the back side of the mountain.  It took us about 90 minutes to reach the top and soak in some incredible views!

Cape of Good Hope/Penguins!!:  
On a consistent theme of our Airbnb host being incredibly generous, she allowed us to borrow her car for a day trip.  We spent a full day driving around the Cape.  We made stops to hang out with the penguins, at the Cape of Good Hope (Southwestern most point in Africa) and Chapman’s Peak.  We did some hiking at the Cape of Good Hope, I got to go for a swim at the Cape (extremely cold and rough) and we drove Chapman’s Peak which is considered one of the prettiest drives in the world.  The only problem we had to do were the incredibly aggressive baboons at the Cape of Good Hope.  Baboons are definitely wildlife I will not miss.

Hop On/Hop Off Bus: 
Hard to believe, but nearly 4.5 months into our travels we had not experienced a hop on hop off bus tour yet.  Part of our fear was that it was way too touristy.  Well, we spent a day doing this in Cape Town and had a great experience.  It’s an awesome way to see different areas of the city and spend as much time as you want at any stop.  We spent lots of time along the coast and at a world  famous botanical garden.

Old Biscuit Mill: This was totally random, but every Saturday there is a huge market of food stalls.  It was within walking distance of where we stayed.  It was pretty great to spend a Saturday listening to live music and enjoying some food and shakes.


With that, we said goodbye to Africa and had a 24 hour flight to say hello to Europe.  We also said goodbye to shorts and flip flops and hello to our jackets and long pants.  Most positively, we said goodbye to mosquitoes and malaria medication!


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