Wild Horses and Fish River Canyon: The End of the Road

This is the final desert mini-post (congrats- you made it or skipped to the end). After leaving Luderitz, we had 3 more stops before getting back to the capital.

  • Desert Horse Inn: A specific region of Namibia is known for their wild horses. We had a windy night camping with these “semi-wild” horses. I say “semi-wild,” because minerals and water are provided to the horses when conditions require. In the morning, the horses walked right up to us to say hello. This site was also great as they had over 20 miles of hiking trails.


  • Fish River Canyon: Biggest canyon in all of Africa. Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to hike into the canyon at this time of year, but in the “winter” you are allowed to do a 5-day hike through the canyon. They also have an ultra marathon that is considered on the most extreme in the world. The canyon is only 20 or so kilometers north of the South African border.
  • Bagatelle Game Ranch: This was our last night. We enjoyed a nice “game” dinner in the lodge and spending time outside viewing the stars one last time.

All told, we drove about 3,000 miles in Namibia and had countless memories that we’ll never forget.



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