Tracking Mad Max and the Living Desert

Okay, here goes our first desert mini-post. It’s called mini because we really are trying to keep these short and sweet. Our first desert stop was Swakopmund, where Fury Road (Mad Max) was filmed. The extreme scenery thrilled us, as it was our first dune experience.  Swakopmund is the 2nd largest city in Namibia.  It was the coolest temperature of our trip because of the arctic winds coming up from the south.  Swakopmund is also the culinary capital of Namibia, so we enjoyed getting away from camp food for a couple of days!

This would be a perfect setting for us to celebrate Valentine’s Day! After dinner, we shared some bubbly and chocolate for dessert on the dunes.


Another interesting note about Swakopmund is that the city kind of looks like a movie set. Since the city’s edge is literally sea and then desert. You can walk down a street and then BAM- dunes. It seemed a bit surreal!

Matt on edge of the movie set, er town.


While in Swakopmund we went on a Living Desert Tour in search of dunes and creatures. At first thought, you would think that the desert would be lifeless but it’s actually filled with the most amazing animals that have adapted to the harsh terrain.

It’s unbelievable how many animals are living in the sand. Our guide told and/or showed us about spiders, transparent geckos, blind insects, snakes, chameleons and more!

We also learned about different plants and how they stealthily reserve water.  It was a unique experience and highly recommended for anyone visiting Namibia!




After this, we headed off to the red colored dunes of Soussesvlei.


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