Sossusvlei: Storming through the Sands

This is the second desert mini-post (of 4). Similar to the rest, this will be short and sweet with plenty of pictures.


Sossusvlei is the home of an unbelievable red sand desert, which includes many mountainous sand dunes. Because of these dunes, it’s probably the 2nd most popular tourist stop in Namibia (after Etosha) and is a photographer’s paradise.   Many Namibian images are associated with these dunes.


We spent 2 nights at Sesriem Camp, which is situated at the entry to Sossusvlei. The road from Sesriem to Sossusvlei is about 60 kilometers. All along the road, there are dunes that you can stop to explore, hike, take pictures, etc.

We had heard stories of getting caught in sand storms while camping here. Even though it was incredibly windy, we were lucky enough to avoid a sand storm.

Sossusvlei provided us many unforgettable experiences:

Matt at the beginning of his desert hike.
  • Watching the sunrise while hiking up Dune 45
  • Getting my first true experience of driving in extended periods of sand. Thanks to lowering our tire pressure, we didn’t get stuck!
  • Hiking to the top of Sossusvlei. I’d say that it was the most extreme conditions for a hike I’ve ever done. Extreme heat, no shade and unbelievably dry conditions.Note: Matt did the full hike to the top. Phi turned around midway. She felt unprepared for this venture (no water or closed toe shoes) as we were originally planning to do a “short, 30-minute hike.”


That little dot is one of us hiking up to the top and the other one of us is the one taking the photo from afar. I hate to leave you in mystery here as to who is who…
  • Watching both a sunset and an intense lightning storm coming in from atop a sand dune.


  • Some of the best photographs of our trip!

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