Luderitz and Kolmanskoop: Ghost Towns & Gusts

This is the third desert post. After leaving Soussesvlei we drove nearly to the border of South Africa to a small coastal town called Luderitz. It was such an eerie feeling driving into the empty town; it felt almost like the Walking Dead. Luderitz is a major diamond mining area.

The main highlights were:

  • Kolmanskoop – a former German mining town. It was abandoned almost entirely prior to 1950. Amazingly, the town had electricity, big houses, a bowling alley, theater, big hospital, swimming pools, etc. Since the town is in the middle of the desert, it has been completely consumed by sand.


  • Dias Point – After discovering the Cape of Good Hope in 1488, Dias stopped in Luderitz on his return trip and erected a cross. Phi and I drove to the point. We both enjoyed this more than the Cape of Good Hope (primarily no baboons). It was such a beautiful, but harsh spot. It was the windiest spot of our trip and the sea was incredibly violent.



  • Great little B&B – This was one of the locations that we took a break from the tent. Our B&B was right on the coast. It was also much cooler since it was a coastal town. We really enjoyed a break from the heat!

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