Namibian Road Trip Part I: Wild and Free

Note: This was authored on 2/6. The wi-fi situation has been spotty for updating the blog. Of course, we will be posting a Part II. (And maybe a Part III because this trip might deserve it).


We’re about a week into our 3-week self-drive through Namibia and it’s been everything we thought it would be and more. They say that Namibia is one of the most photogenic countries and we could easily see why. We haven’t even reached the desert yet but have already seen beautiful scenery and wildlife.


Just driving past zebras. No big deal.

I’m basically living my Lion King dreams and will often break out into songs from the movie during the drive.

Speaking of Lion King dreams, for the past two nights at camp we’ve heard lions roaring through the night. Although we never saw them, it was still pretty surreal and epic to hear roars while laying in our sleeping bags. What a relaxing lullaby, right?


Our biggest highlight to date is that we spotted a rhino today while driving to the campsite. This has been our closest rhino encounter so far and we spent 30 minutes on the side of the road just oooh and awing. On top of that, we had lunch in the car the past 2 days next to giraffes grazing on their own food. Where else in the world but Africa can you have a lunch date with giraffes?


The self-drive has also been a unique experience in that we are camping on a rooftop tent- something that we’ve never done before. I honestly had never heard of rooftop tents and had to look up what they were. True to its name, it’s literally a tent that is mounted on top of our 4×4!! It’s been an adventure setting up and breaking down this tent each day.

We also love the freedom we have on the self-drive unlike what we experience when you’re on a guided tour or on a night bus. We get to decide what time we leave, how fast we go and how long we stay to take in the sights. It’s been intoxicatingly liberating. As a couple, the long drives each day have been a great way to spend time together talking and bonding. It’s also been great to live this experience and learn new things together: from quietly admiring giraffes to discovering how our rain cover works on our tent.


We’ve also been enjoying some of the most amazing sunsets on this trip:

I’m sure we’ll have more to share as we go deeper into our trip but just wanted to share the amazing experience we’ve had so far on the self-drive. This is hands down the best way to see the country and has been a great experience for us both individually and as a couple!





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