Bangkok: Not as planned

Matt and I wanted to end the Southeast Asia leg of our trip in Bangkok with plans of seeing a friend, sightseeing but mostly pigging out on amazing Thai food. Unfortunately, I wound up getting a bout of food poisoning and we ended up laying pretty low in Bangkok. Hence, no “oh my God, I had life changing, amazing Thai food in Bangkok” blog post. But I did have congee. And you know how I feel about congee.

From Bangkok, Matt flew out to Tanzania to start his trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro while I had plans to explore Sri Lanka before joining him post-trek since me and high altitudes don’t get along. We were supposed to fly out the same day but I ended up having to delay my flight and shorten my Sri Lankan trip because my stomach and body weren’t cooperating. With a few extra days, I was still able to catch up with an old friend and see some new sights in Bangkok.

I visited the home of Jim Thompson, a American businessman who help revitalize the Thai Silk market and had built a beautiful home in Bangkok. He also mysteriously went missing on a visit to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia- which Matt and I had already visited.

Part of Jim Thompson’s home in Bangkok


With some downtime, I caught a movie at one of Bangkok’s oldest theaters- the Scala which has been restored to its old-time glory.


I hadn’t seen my college friend, Richard in almost 7 years- so it was great to catch up and he showed me some Bangkok sites that I hadn’t seen- including a free mini-cruise!



And of course, I had to stop and be a kid.


Pretty stoked about stumbling across a Lego exhibit.

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