Merry Christmas from Thailand

We hope that all of our friends and family had a very Merry Christmas.  We also hope that everyone has a happy start to 2017!

Phi and I both missed our friends and family during the holidays this year.  It was the 2nd consecutive year we were abroad for Christmas and New Years.  Last year, we were in New Zealand spending Christmas day in Auckland/Waiheke Island and New Year’s in Abel Tasman National Park.

Even though we were away from family and friends (except for 2!!), we had a fantastic Christmas.  What did MAP do this year?

We were in Chiang Mai, Thailand staying in an Air Bnb near Chiang Mai University.

Breakfast:  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a stove or oven or any other way to cook up a fancy breakfast, but we did the best we could.  On Christmas Eve, we picked up fresh mango, corn flakes, bananas, bread, Nutella and Chocolate Milk.  While it wasn’t really fancy, it was a memorable and delicious way to start the day!

After breakfast, we relaxed and worked on plans for our remaining 3 weeks in Asia.  We were able to get some laundry done, go for a run and bike into town for lunch.

Pre-Dinner: While most of our friends and family were experiencing a cold Christmas, Thailand was a steamy 90 degrees.  This allowed us to spend some time in the pool on Christmas Day.

Dinner/Night: In the coolest part of our Christmas Day, we were fortunate enough to have 2 of our friends from Seattle arriving in Chiang Mai that afternoon.  Kelsy and Allen are traveling in Thailand for 2.5 weeks and our time in Chiang Mai happened to overlap.  Since we are traveling so long, we made every effort to overlap with their time here so we could spend some time with friends from home.  We had dinner at a Thai restaurant and then went out to a rooftop bar for drinks.  After 2.5 months away from friends in the United States, it was so great to get to spend some time with friends.  We had great conversation about both of our travel adventures, talked about their new jobs and what’s changed in Seattle.




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