Faces of Laos

Matt and I were moved by the people in Laos. We were able to snap a few photos of those we met-in hopes of capturing their gentle, kind and happy nature. Here are a few of our favorites.



This is “Grandmother.” She was one of our hosts during our hill tribe trek. She was shy, kind and incredibly fit for someone her age. I showed her the photos we had taken of her and she exclaimed that her skin was getting old. I told her she was beautiful, which only made her more shy. At times she used her scarf to cover her teeth and her lovely face.




Children: at play, at work, at school. During our hill-tribe trek, we met an interacted with many kids. They were curious, joy-filled, sweet-natured and also shy. On our trek we also learned a whole new level of chores. Regardless of their incredibly young age, we observed them masterfully working with tools that I myself have trouble with- from hoes and knives to craftily catching chickens when their bare hands. (Picture left).






Monks: Luang Prabang  is home of many monasteries and temples. We woke up before sunrise one morning to catch the daily almsgiving (called Tak Bat) and observed the worshippers offering alms to the monk. But even if we hadn’t done that, we saw monks around town everywhere, even if we weren’t at a temple.


A monk looking across the Mekong with a cell phone in his hand.


We also had the opportunity to observe people in their daily life- just doing what they normally do. It allowed us to learn about how others live their life and gave us time to reflect. Here is a photo from our trek of the village chiefs doing taxes for the village.


For more details on our trek (where most of the photos came from)- check it out here.


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