Matt’s Stats: Nepal and Malaysia

Finally getting caught up on all of our favorite stats from Nepal and Malaysia.

One thing you’ll notice is that we walked less in Nepal and Malaysia.  You might ask why? In Nepal, we spent 4 days in Kathmandu.  It’s really challenging to walk places here because of all the dust, motorbikes, dirt roads, etc.  So, we ended up not walking as much in the city.  Plus, we also had 2 full day bus rides in Nepal.  Malaysia was hurt by me coming down with salmonella.  I basically was in bed for 1 full day and we had limited activity a couple of other days as I recovered.

How active? Avg. Costs (daily costs within country)
Country Avg. Daily Steps Miles Food Trans. Lodging
China 24,018 78 $13 $31 $63 $18 $127
Japan 22,431 73 $31 $90 $66 $7 $194
South Korea 20,703 29 $34 $29 $54 $26 $145
Hong Kong 21,407 30 $30 $11 $106 $0 $147
Nepal 19,031 124 $27 $17 $20 $54 $119
Malaysia 14,904 76 $14 $7 $43 $1 $75
Total 19,597 410 $23 $29 $48 $22 $125

Other interesting stats:

  • Most consecutive nights eating at the same restaurant: 3, Western Tandoori and Naan House in Kathmandu.  Incredible naan here and it was really convenient to us.
  • Most consecutive days wearing the same pants: I’d say 10 by both Phi and I.  We wore the same pants every day of our ABC trek and to/from the start.
  • Highest body temperature: 103 degrees, by me.  Let’s hope this one isn’t topped.
  • Highest outdoor temperature: This was easily topped in Malaysia.  We’ve officially hit the 90s.
  • # of books read by Matt: 3 (a French mystery, a Mao biography and David Copperfield)
  • # of books read by Phi: 3 (The Monkey King, a Mao biography and Into Thin Air)
  • Fastest book read: 24 hours by Phi.  She literally picked up Into Thin Air one afternoon and was finished by the next.
  • Budget wise: Malaysia and Nepal have been really light on the wallet.  SE Asia will continue to be the same.


Matt’s Top 3 from Nepal:

  1. Night spent at ABC: This was one of the most remarkable and beautiful experiences of my life.  Spending a night at the foot of these incredible peaks is something I’ll never forget.  We got to experience a crystal, clear sunset and experience the “supermoon” at ABC.  Seeing the snow-capped 26,000 feet peaks lit up by the moon was something I didn’t even comprehend.
  2. The trek to ABC: Experiencing this trek with Phi and taking in the Nepalese culture was the most rewarding journey of our trip.  Learning the meaning of “namaste” and the beauty of Nepalese people on the trek was so cool.
  3. Western Tandoori and Naan House: See stats above, 3 straight nights eating here!

Phi’s Top 3 from Nepal

  1. Night atop Annapurna Base Camp: Just thinking about the view we saw at night (the mountains, stars, moon – all of it) still makes me sentimental. It was truly one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen and I was honestly moved to tears. And to be able to share that moment with Matt is something I’ll never forget. It was also proud moment for me that evening- having to made it to the top of our trek and past the highest elevation I had ever been. I’m really proud that I was able to continuously trek for several days and feel really lucky that I’m physically healthy and capable enough to complete it. They say a picture if worth a 1,000 words, so I’m just gonna close with this…

    Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings at ABC.
  2. ABC Trek: From staying in the tea houses to crossing old river bridges. From going up and down for what seemed like forever to endless stretches of beautiful mountain views. It was such a rich cultural, physical and emotional experience. They were also wonderful days spent together with Matt: sometimes challenging days bookended by hopeful early mornings and quiet evenings playing Canasta while reflecting on our days. We also met a bunch of kind and interesting folks from around the world and I’m grateful for that.
  3. Namaste: Nepal has been the place in the word where I’ve been able to say “Namaste” without any qualms. People honestly greet each other with that saying and at first I felt reluctant to use it but then it just felt normal. While hiking on the ABC, you’d pass a bunch of other treks either coming from or going to ABC and no matter how tired you or they felt, you’d always try to make an effort to say “namaste” to each other. And each namaste felt like a little encouragement of each other and an mutual understanding that you’re on an extraordinary journey.

Matt’s Top 3 from Malaysia:

  1. The unbelievable people we encountered:  Dr. and Mrs. Sockalingam treated us like their own children.  Their warmth and genuity really inspired both of us.  They also gave us so much insight into their family and Malaysian history.  Additionally, our Airbnb host, Gerard, was so great.  We always felt so welcome in Kuala Lumpur.
  2.   Relaxing with Phi: After 5 weeks of go, go, go it was so nice to be able to relax a bit and recharge our batteries.
  3. Jungle trek in Cameron Highlands: Even though there were some annoying puppies following us one of of our jungle treks, seeing the jungle and monkeys flying over us in the trees was pretty remarkable.

Phi’s Top 3 from Malaysia:

  1. The amazing people who met and got to know: Truly the people we have met have will restore anyone’s faith in humanity, kindness and unselfishness. Our stay with Dr. and Mrs. Sockalingam was such authentically wonderful and welcoming experience. Like Matt said, they treated us like their own children. I’m so touched by our time spent together and feel fortunate we were able to get to spend time with them. Also- we thoroughly enjoyed our time (albeit short) with our Airbnb host, Gerard. He was an incredibly helpful and we felt like friends from the beginning.
  2. Downtime: This was crucial recharge time and it was great to relax with Matt. I’m also a movie fan and really liked that we were able to catch a few movies and even see a new feature in theaters. I even got to do a English high afternoon tea in the Cameron Highlands. I have a soft spot for scones, clotted cream and little sandwiches so it was a special treat!
  3. Blend of Chinese, Indian and Malay worlds: KL is an intersection of those three cultures. It was interesting to see how KL food is a fusion and the variety of dishes that are available. The cultures, languages and religion coexist there together despite its differences and it they both blend together while staying in true to its roots.

5 thoughts on “Matt’s Stats: Nepal and Malaysia

  1. Hi Phi and Matt,
    I’ve finally caught up on your adventures. What an amazing journey you two are on! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your posts and seeing all of the pictures. Much like picking up an excellent book, I couldn’t stop reading!

    I’m so glad you two are having a great time. Be safe and keep posting! Miss you both!



  2. Namaste! 😉 This is a beautiful post. I lived in Nepal during the month of July, and it was one of the most eye-opening, inspiring experiences. I love your photography, and your photos reminded me of what a gorgeous culture Nepal has. I actually have lots of photos of my trip on the blog as well, if you’re interested:

    Thank you for sharing, and I wish you all the best 🙂 Looking forward to future posts!


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