Hong Kong and Korea Recap: What we learned and Matt’s Stats

This is going to be quick as we are boarding a plane for Nepal soon.  Since we had shorter stays in both, I combined these into one post.

What we learned in Hong Kong.

  1. The relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China is strange in many ways including relationships between citizens, the political situation and the differences in culture.
  2. Getting a Vietnamese Visa is so much easier (and cheaper) in Hong Kong than in the United States.
  3. Hong Kong has one of the best combinations of city, hiking and ocean in the world.  In San Francisco or Seattle, you have all 3, but the climate is too cool to be in the ocean regularly.  In Hong Kong, you can be in year round pretty much.
  4. Double decker buses from the airport to your lodging is the way to go.  Get to see so much of the city + mountains and water.
  5. Hong Kong is considerably more expensive than mainland China.  Rent prices are comparable to NYC.
  6. Some people walk really slow, some people walk really fast, some people walk with carts.  The sidewalks are really narrow.  The combination of these things makes walking slow and tedious at times.
  7. We learned much about Dim Sum and how this works in Hong Kong.  For more details, visit here.

What we learned in Korea:

  1. There is a lot of political turmoil surrounding the president right now.  There are 2 major scandals involving the first female president in South Korea and many want her to resign or be impeached.
  2. Visiting the JSA and peering into North Korea is one of the strangest experiences we’ve ever had.
  3. Korean chicken may just be better than in the US.  Yumm!
  4. Korean subway system is awesome.  T Money cards are practically a souvenir.
  5. Seoul Cable TV carries the World Series (this should be #1 here)!

Matt’s Stats:

How active? Avg. Costs (daily costs within country)
Country Avg. Daily Steps Miles Food Trans. Lodging
China 24,018 78 $13 $32 $63 $18 $127
Japan 22,431 73 $31 $90 $66 $7 $194
South Korea 20,703 29 $34 $29 $54 $26 $145
Hong Kong 21,454 30 $30 $11 $106 $0 $147
Total 22,581 210 $24 $48 $69 $13 $155Watch

Matt’s top 3:

  1. Getting to experience the Cubs winning the World Series in Korea.
  2. Spending time with friends in both countries.  Jae Young and Tommy were so great at taking us out our first night in town to give us a lay of the land and talk about Seoul/South Korea.
  3. The combination of hiking with the ocean in Hong Kong.  This was our first  tropical experience of the trip.

Phi’s Top 3:

  1. Spending time with friends (new and old).  It was great to see them and get the local scoop.
  2. All the foods!  See previous posts.
  3. Watching Matt as the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years!

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