Japan Recap: What we learned and Matt’s Stats

Same format as we did for China.  We wanted to recap our experiences in Japan in a fun way.

What we learned in Japan:

  1. The Japanese are quite possibly the friendliest people we have ever met. Everyone truly make you feel good about the world.
  2. Japan is really clean and organized. In my opinion, Tokyo is hands down the cleanest and most efficient large city I’ve been to.
  3. Dividing trash is different in Japan vs. the United States. In general, the three options are plastic bottles/cans, plastic containers and burnable trash.
  4. Ramen is SOO much better in Japan! See previous posts.
  5. You can’t wear a bathing suit in an osnen, which is a Japanese thermal bath (fully nude).
  6. There have to be more drink machines per capita in Japan than anywhere else? There are at least 2-3 drink machines in every little subdivision (see picture at the bottom).
  7. Drink machines part 2: They sell beer from drink machines. We’re not quite sure how they keep underage from drinking.
  8. Biggest American brands: We did see more American brands in Japan than in China; however, it still was not too prevalent. Biggest brand was 7-11 (Adam/Susan – you must visit Japan). They are everywhere. Other brands include McDonalds, Starbucks, and there are even quite a few Tully’s Coffeeshops (Seattle shout out!)
  9. Basically all toilets have a bidet. Many toilets also have heated seats.
  10. The train system here is awesome. We primarily used trains to cover a lot of the country comfortably in 7 days.
  11. Japan has the 2nd longest life expectancy and it shows.  Everyone is so healthy.  Might be something to the kind nature.

Matt’s stats:

Activity Level

Avg. Costs (daily costs within country)

Avg. Daily Steps
China 23,933 78 $13 $32 $63 $18 $127
Japan 22,364 73 $31 $90 $66 $7 $194
Total 23,148 151 $21 $59 $64 $13 $158

# of runs: 2

# of nights in Air bnb: 7/7 in Japan, 8/8 in China

# of consecutive days wearing the same pants: 6 (Matt, still current but going to do laundry in Korea)

Phi’s Top 3 Japanese experiences:

  1. Our hikes and quiet moments at shrines and temples. We definitely saw many shrines and temples but the best moments were when we got to enjoy the beauty, take note of small details and reflect in the early mornings without crowds.
  2. Experiences with Momo-ma/the kindness of everyone we have met. My heart is touched and soul is warmed by how Momo-ma’s hospitality throughout our Kyoto stay. I was also touched by how considerate and thoughtful people are in daily life.  On a daily basis we would observe constant acts of pure thoughtfulness and community: from how people greet each other to how they treat each other during public transport.
  3. The ramen. Oh my god, the ramen. Especially that second ramen we had. I will forever dream of it.
  4. I’m sneaking a #4 (don’t tell Matt)– I really enjoyed the relaxing onsen experience!

Matt’s Top 3:

  1. The people of Japan.  Overall, the experience with Momo-ma in her restaurant and the kindness she showed us.
  2. Early morning hiking to Fushimi Inari.  It was an incredible reward for getting up early and hiking.
  3. The ramen.  Have to agree with Phi here.

Next Stop: We’re off to South Korea tomorrow to visit our first friend of the trip, Jae Young, and to do a tour of the DMZ.  Let us know if anyone has any recommendations for Seoul.



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