Did we pack too much? 

Matt and I have been cutting it close to the wire with packing. We really thought we’d be done by Sunday night.
It’s Monday morning and the struggle is still real. And now that we are done, we are worried we packed too much.

Just kidding. These aren’t all of our bags. 😂

We have one large bag and carry on bag each . In all seriousness we are slightly worried about all the stuff that we have.

I was super confident when I first started that I wouldn’t even fill a full backpack. I was envisioning a post of my half filled bag. “Look how minimalist I am!” I’d say. “What would you possibly fill a bag so large up with?!”

Welp. Matt was all done this morning by 10 AM 8 AM (he promptly informed me of his actual finish time after I showed him this post) and I was in mini-crisis mode at 10AM. My bag wouldn’t zip, I had more items left to stuff in and I had already purged all the items I could. Long story short I hesitantly did away with more (goodbye wrap dress…adiós light cardigan in case it gets windy) and hope my pack will get lighter on the road.

At the airport Matt’s pack weighed in at 28 lbs. and mine  weighed in at 27.5. (I win?!). I’m wondering to how I will lug a 27 lb. bag across the trains, planes, trails and automobiles.

Right now we are sitting in a lounge at SeaTac (thank you Priority Pass!!). Matt is relaxing while sipping a Sapporo and I am  ruminating on what else I can get rid of to get that pack smaller…

Any tips on shedding? What are some must have items that you would pack? What are some packing items you’ve gotten rid of in the past?

Here are our actual bags. Mine’s the one that looks like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

15 thoughts on “Did we pack too much? 

  1. I really thought the first photo was the real one!! I’m super impressed you got everything into those tiny bags. I agree that you’ll drop stuff as you go. Just try not to buy too much along the way to undo it all!

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  2. I am super impressed!!!

    When I traveled (Euro-trip and Central/South America) I never wore more than 1 pair of jeans (and generally only wore them because I’d lugged them around and didn’t want to get no use… usually became my outfit for the flight home since they would still be unworn and therefore clean). I found casual days I’d be in athletic wear and if I needed to class it up, a black sundress can morph into many outfits. Might be different for you because of winter weather, but I’d consider shedding any denim… it’s heavy, hard to wash and dry quickly, and generally sold everywhere.

    Also, not to live up to the grungy backpacker stereotype but most toiletries you can live without/pick up locally. Especially if you stay at hostels or popular camping sites people always leave stuff behind. If you packed shampoo/conditioner, ditch it. Toothpaste and a good bar of soap are worth keeping.

    Worst case scenario though, you’re going to be SO BUFF from all that heavy lifting 🙂


  3. When I travel for 2 weeks I usually bring a carry-on and a backpack. Obviously you guys have a lot longer time to worry about, but here are my tips:

    1) Don’t pack any beauty supplies – makeup, blow-dryer, etc. I pack 1 sunscreen and 1 night cream
    2) Minimalist with shoes – 1 pair closed toe, 1 pair walking sandals that double as shower shoes, and 1 hiking boots?
    3) I actually do a lot of laundry while abroad. You can grunge it and wash your clothes in the hotel bathroom, or you can stop by a laundromat. This considerably lightens the load.
    4) It takes longer for wool socks to smell LOL
    5) A friend of mine did something similar with his wife and here’s his gear review: https://nohurrycurry.wordpress.com/gear/

    So excited for you guys and have fun!!!


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