Take Me Home Tonight

Six years ago today, Matt and I met…while rocking ’80s garb. That we agree on.  What we don’t agree on are the details of how we met…

Phi: We met for the first time at a mutual friend’s pre-concert party. He was rocking the Casbah with Wax On and Wax Off (a la Sharpie) on his arms and I commented on the 80s-ness of his tattoo. We rode separately to The National but sparks flew prior to the show when Phoenix’s “Listzomania” blasted on the speakers. That encounter shook us all night long. After a few dates, we decided to hold on to that feeling.

Matt: Despite Phi’s claims that we met at a pre-concert party, I am convinced that we met at the actual concert.  The concert was an ’80s cover band called The Legwarmers.  Most people dress in ’80s gear and sing along to all of the well-known 80’s hits.  In between the opening band and The Legwarmers taking the stage, they played Phoenix on the loudspeakers.  That happened to be one of my favorite songs.  I looked at our group of about 20 people and noticed that someone was singing the song.  It was Phi.  I walked down and said hello and the rest is history….

Flash Forward: In the midst of packing up our apartment, we found our ’80s clothes from that night. So we decided to take one last photo in them  before donating the outfits to Goodwill.

This is Matt humoring me.
TLDR: I think we met at a pre-game party. Matt thinks we met at a concert. Outdated clothing was donated.
Either way, we thought today would be the perfect day for us to share this blog with our friends and family!

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