Home is wherever I’m with you 

So we are 5 days away and still have  not packed for our trip–oops! But in fairness, we have Matt has been busily packing and tidying up our apartment in preparation for our subletters.

Meanwhile, I’ve been been getting nostalgic while realizing that we really do have a lot of “home themed” decorations inside our current place. So while Matt was busily packing away, I made this collage:

Photos of our current Home Sweet Home ❤

And while we haven’t been packing, we have been shopping for items for the trip on Amazon and REI. Today, Matt bought a really unique pair of Keen sandals for the trip that I can’t wait to take a photo of and show you while we’re on the road.

We’ve also been heavily borrowing (which is really a nice way of  saying mooching)  anything we can possibly can from our friends who have taken a RTW trip themselves  – from backpacks and locks to late-night advice (THANK YOU TED AND SHARON).

We want to say thanks to our friends Kaley and Matt (who are so  generously letting us store some of our home goods in their place) and The Waites (who are looking after our car and Matt’s clothes). To our friends who don’t live in Seattle- this is HUGE as any space (living or storage) is a premium. We know this is just the first of many thanks that we owe to folks who are making this dream happen. #DreamTeam

All in all, Matt and I are definitely feeling super grateful this week for all of the great friends and support we’ve had leading up to this trip. Because man, it takes a village!

#thankyou 🙂


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