The rubber (will be) meeting the road

Our blog is finally up! Our bags are definitely not packed. And we have some tickets purchased. So we still have a few things to check off the list.

We’re less than two weeks away from what some may have called our “world tour” and the reality of it all has not yet set in. Matt and I have often talked about taking time off to roam the world and now that it’s so close to being reality, we’re filled with complete excitement but also complete disbelief!

While we’re still figuring out what to pack and ruminating on what routes to take, we’re also trying to take a “figure it out as we go mentality.” And to be honest- it’s been easier said than done…and we haven’t even taken off yet. Big gulps.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that lots of Excel sheets and to-do lists have been created. But that’s going to be part of the beauty this trip- being out of our comfort zones and growing both personally and as a couple.

So here’s to not only all of the adventures that we’ll have but to all the things we hope to learn about the world and about ourselves.


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